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Back & forward buttons in PDF reader

Could be usefull to navigate between your previous position within the PDF. It would be even more necessary if you make the hyperlinks within the PDF operational.

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    orcohenororcohenor shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • DavidDavid commented  · 

        Please add this feature. It would make Mendeley so much more useful!

      • Nicolás ValleNicolás Valle commented  · 

        Same here, all my labmates that are not using Mendely are because of the reader. You could take a huge step forward with this!

      • Lukas ScheucherLukas Scheucher commented  · 

        Could the development team please comment on whether this feature is under development or not? I think its crucial, and the editor is useless for scientific papers without it.

      • Yongmou LiYongmou Li commented  · 

        perhaps mendeley is the only pdf reader I have used without this feature.

      • David RamirezDavid Ramirez commented  · 

        It is not easy to navigate back after clicking on a reference.
        Two options:
        A side bar next to "details, notes, contents" for a quick look of the references.
        A floating window when hovering over reference.

        is this suggestion posted on a different way? that is the reason why this specific post hasn't been properly attended

      • Charles Melby-ThompsonCharles Melby-Thompson commented  · 

        The existence of this feature in my PDF viewer was the deciding factor in my move to electronic files from paper copies. This is an important feature!

      • quico sorianoquico soriano commented  · 

        As already mentioned, would it be possible when reading a pdf to navigate 'back' to the main body of the paper after clicking on a reference/ figure link?

      • Jin-On JungJin-On Jung commented  · 

        This feature should be implemented asap

      • sundar rajsundar raj commented  · 

        seriously. this is a must have feature. especially for research papers, i cannot believe this is feature is not there. many of my colleagues don't use mendeley exclusively for not having this feature.

      • Robert ReedRobert Reed commented  · 

        Honestly, I do not use Mendeley because this feature is unavailable.

        Please for my own sanity include this feature!! I would give this topic all 10 votes if I could (I tried).

      • Thomas OliveiraThomas Oliveira commented  · 

        It has been 5 years since orcohenor shared this idea, and 2 years since "This has been raised with our Development Team"...

        Users, please keep voting to show the Developer that we really need this!

      • Christopher De DobbelaereChristopher De Dobbelaere commented  · 

        How is the progress within the Development Team on this so far? It has been almost a year since this was mentioned and so far I don't see it being implemented.

        Please, do introduce this feature! For researchers, the lack of this feature is a nightmare. If you click a reference to check which paper they refer to and have to look up where you left... Imagine this for any document with 20+ pages. This is time consuming.

        Adobe Reader has this feature and it is extremely handy!

      • Hang PeiHang Pei commented  · 

        I agree with the others. So far I am still an Acrobat user but I am trying to use the build-in PDF reader of Mendeley more. I find the missing of back/forward function really inconvenient. If you can change this, I think I will finally make the switch from Acrobat.

      • Longfeng ZhaoLongfeng Zhao commented  · 

        This is really an emergency function for researchers!

      • Yin LeiYin Lei commented  · 

        Yes! I think this function is very very useful and absolutely necessary.

      • Anthony KhawajaAnthony Khawaja commented  · 

        I agree - this is an essential feature for a PDF viewer. Thanks Mendeley!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please please add this, its really a pain now!!!

      • AdiAdi commented  · 

        I jump from the text to references all the time and doing it by hand is a pain. Pretty please add this feature

      • z yhz yh commented  · 

        Navigate between reference and bibliography list is a very important feature when reading papers.

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