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Icons too small on 4k display (windows 10)

When using Mendeley on Windows 10 with 4k display, icons are so small, I cannot even make out what they are.

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • RJ PalmaRJ Palma commented  · 

        How to I change the scaling to be performed by system instead of application?

      • F AF A commented  · 

        I got in touch with Mendeley Support Team and they gave me the following instructions:

        Right-click on the Mendeley Desktop Icon.
        Click Properties
        Go to the Compatibility Tab
        Check “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”
        Click Apply → OK.

        While I could not find 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings' in the compatibility settings, I ticked the box for 'Override high DPI scaling behaviour' and changed the scaling from being performed by Application to being performed by System and this fixed the small icon size. The icons are a little blurry but I can use Mendeley now!

        Hope this helps.

      • John SmithJohn Smith commented  · 

        Surface Pro user, also encountering this. UI is small, and occasionally the formatting breaks completely with boxes too small for their text.

      • MBMB commented  · 

        Wow! Thank you, Anonymous, for your comment! I have been struggling with this issue for over a year.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        A temporary workaround until Mendeley devs fix is this (Windows 10 Anniversary Edition or later).

        0. Close Mendeley
        1. Right click on Mendeley.exe or the desktop shortcut
        2. Click on "Compatibility" tab.
        3. Tick the box "Override high DPi scaling behavior".
        a. Ensure scaling is performed by "System (Enhanced)"
        4. Apply
        5. Run Mendeley

        This is far from an ideal solution. It effectively runs Mendeley at scaled resolution (IE: If 3840x2160 is used with 200% scaling, effective Mendeley resolution is 1080p) so jagged edges and blurry text are abound. However, it also means that no scaling is being performed so program text and program controls are all the 'correct' size. However this is a rubbish solution.

        High DPI displays have been prevalent since Windows 7 and the fact that 10 years after Windows 7, Mendeley STILL has yet to update their program. And it's not as if they don't know how to correctly use high DPI assets. iOS variants of the programs address this.

      • HirokoHiroko commented  · 

        Yes, the letters are crazy small and I can't read anything. I can't use my Dell XPS13 to use Mendeley. I am considering giving up all the Mendeley database since it is now useless.

      • KasparKaspar commented  · 

        Same with Dell XPS13

      • John WoodJohn Wood commented  · 

        My solution is to downscale my resolution, but it's really not a good solution since the text then hurts your eyes.

      • SummerSummer commented  · 

        Serously Mendeley, I had to replace my old laptop because it was literally falling apart, and I get this fancy new awesome one to get me through graduate school just to find that the program that has ALL of my sources for my research is nearly unusable??? Honestly! This is ridiculous! I pay you guys every month and now I can't even use the program. The font is too small, I can barely tell what any of the icons are even supposed to be. I raved about how great this program was to anyone who would listen, but I'm seriously disappointed. All of the suggested fixes I've found (compatibility mode and such) do not work at all. This should be a priority fix.

      • CarlosCarlos commented  · 

        I agree. Same problem on my Asus zenbook pro.

      • jessica smithjessica smith commented  · 

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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I agree. This is a big issue. The software is unusable the text is so small.

      • Callum ThomasCallum Thomas commented  · 

        I agree. Same problem on my Surface Pro 4

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